Increase your sales
Place your company in the city directory
Free accommodation or three tariff packages to choose from
Your selling page on the Internet
Functions of the online store
Poster, company blog, photo albums and much more
Mon-Fri from 9:00 till 18:00
Will not showing on the site
businesses and companies
goods, services and offers
reviews and recommendations
Appearance and capabilities of the directory
Convenient view of your page on any device
How to create your own page
Step 1
Sign Up
Step 2
Fill in the information
Step 3
Add products/services
Step 4
Configure e-commerce
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A personal manager will call you back and help with the registration
E-Commerce Tools
Bulk upload of products
from the database files
of new orders
Download of price lists
for your customers' loyalty
Order management
convenient system of work with orders
Basket of orders
on your page
Integrate with the mobile application
your company in the phone
Placing shares
and special offers
Help of the personal manager
at any stage of the configuration
Tariff plans
Choose a convenient tariff depending on the functions you need
Possibility of placing products on the catalog index page
Ability to edit your content
Company is displayed on the city map
Upload price-lists, certificatesNo restrictionsNo restrictionsNo restrictions
For car dealerships: unlimited placement of offers in the "Auto" section
For real estate agencies: unlimited placement of offers in the "Real Estate" section
For recruitment agencies: placing proposals in the section "Work"
Number of categories to place the company in3510
Placement Advertisements for your company520200
Placement of your company's vacancies52020
Post promotions of your company50100No restrictions
Post news about your company13100No restrictions
Max number of photos10100No restrictions
Number of videos10100No restrictions
Unique address on the Internet (domain on our website)
Branded page of your company
Placement of goods100No restrictions
enable order products
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