The Manitoba Museum is proud to invite you to the book launch of Dibaajimindwaa Geteyaag: Ogiiyose, Noojigiigoo’iwe gaye Dibinawaag Nibiing Onji/ Stories of the Old Ones: Hunter and Fisher from Sheltered Water.

Panel Discussion at 7 PM in the Auditorium with Kevin Brownlee, Manitoba Museum (Author), Ed Winters (Designer), Jaimie Isaac, Winnipeg Art Gallery (Artistic Advisor), and other Guests. Book Signing and Reception at 8 PM in the Foyer.

This is a story of our Ancestor, Hunter Fisher from Sheltered Water, who lived four thousand years ago. This book chronicles the project from the recovery, study and reburial. The discovery of his remains and personal belongings led to the development of a joint research project between Sagkeeng Anicinabe Government and the Manitoba Museum.