For all fans of cycling, whose spirit loves speed and freedom, this workshop is dedicated. Folx are welcome to come to the UMCycle Warehouse to volunteer, get help fixing their bike or work on a build-a-bike project. In any case, if you want to work on your bike or learn something new, this event is for you. If accommodations are needed to attend the open shop time, please contact Anna Weier at [email protected] and the company will do the best to accommodate.

Attention, to clarify the location, please contact the shop. The location should be specified!

Accessibility Information: There is a ramp up to the main entrance of Helen Glass (south facing). There is an elevator down to the basement just to the right of the main door. From the elevator there are wide hallways that take you to the warehouse. The sides of the hallways are sometimes piled with garbage and recycling. Follow the bike signs. There are two doors without automatic opening buttons. The first set of doors is open during weekday day and evening hours (unless they are closed for an emergency). The second set of doors is generally closed. Call ahead to (204)474-8213 and we can make sure to open the doors. There are wheelchair accessible men’s and women’s washrooms down the hall from the warehouse. It is necessary to pass back through the doors without automatic openers to get there.