Usui Reiki Level 3 and 4 May 10-12, 2019
Friday May 10 6-9pm
Saturday May 11th 9-4pm
Sunday May 12th 9-4pm

Now offering levels 3 and 4 of Usui Reiki. This is the ART level and Master levels. Along with Reiki manual a second manual is given covering more encompassing topics which come up during Reiki.
In this two day session you will learn:

Healing with Self Reiki
Protecting the self from other’s energy (again)
Healthy Boundaries
Meet your Highest Reiki Guides
Professional Ethics
Reiki Moving Meditation
Treating the Whole Body, Role of Intuition and Guidance
Reiki and Nutrition
A practical guide to the organs, glands and meridians of the body
Learn 3 symbols and purposes
Psychic Surgery, Aura Clearing and other interventions
Crystals and crystal grids
Other things that come up with Reiki, Gifts, Awarenesses
Reiki and Removing Spirits, Entities and other Dark things that don’t Belong
Practice giving Attunements

Two day workshop includes 2 manuals, light lunch and snacks. Wear comfortable clothing
For more information call 204-229-7296
We do individual lessons or group lessons based on student preferences. Prerequisite is Usui Reiki Levels 1 and 2. (Please bring certificate)

$450 for both (please note, this is the teacher level and you will be able to teach after you receive your certificate).