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Are you considering real estate investing as a full-time career? Whether you plan to invest in commercial or residential real estate, offer short- or long-term rentals, manage your properties yourself or hire someone else, your ventures will greatly benefit from consideration of creative financing options.


As we discussed in our December group mastermind, although the most popular approaches to real estate investment are buy-and-hold or fix-and-flip, any approach can reap rewards, depending on the situation of the individual investor. This month we will be talking all about the costs and benefits of taking the rent-to-own approach to real estate investment.

This month's meeting features guest speaker Candice Bakx-Friesen: Realtor, Coach and Founder of Investor Smarts. Candice has been a real estate investor since 2001. She also the founder of Investor Smarts Global Network and Wealth by Design Network For Women, and a Truly Invested coaching partner. Candice is passionate about helping people reach their financial dreams. Her candid approach to business and ability to get past the fluff and go straight to the root of each challenge for her clients has led to her becoming a highly sought after coach within the finance and real estate industries.


To reward our members for taking action towards their real estate investment goals, one of our members will win a copy of Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone at this month's meeting.

Not yet a member? Not to worry. Non-members will be entered in a draw for a door prize. And remember, your first meeting is always free!

Don't forget to bring a guest or business partner to this month's meeting. Hope to see you there, and happy investing!