Real Love Winnipeg presents..

•••• Lev Snowe tour kickoff! (dream-pop from Winnipeg)
In addition to songwriting, Lev Snowe performs, produces, records, and mixes all of his music himself at home. The unique result is nothing short of his own wild psychedelic Xanadu. Raised on the warm hiss of 70s soul jazz recordings, the slack chill of the L.A. beat scene, and the nostalgic synth swaying of Boards of Canada, Lev explores an atmosphere rooted in the wonder of his childhood memories—a faded landscape that is still ever changing and forever curious. By experimenting in the endless world of electronics, Lev is not only able to dive further into his own imagination, but also create the perfect platform for his poetic lyricism to take hold.

••• Winona Forever (indie-pop from Montreal)
Winona Forever is a pop band currently residing in Montreal, QC. Since forming in 2014, the band has strived to create the best possible self-produced content. Easygoing at first listen, Winona Forever crafts tight, groovy indie pop that takes as much influence from 70’s feel-good music as bedroom pop. Prioritizing punchy rhythms and fun melodies, they create a sound that is wholly contemporary.

•• Warming (psychy indie-pop from Winnipeg)

• plus Matthew Gervais and Science Fair!

Upstairs at The Forks Market
Starts at 9:00pm
ALL AGES ~ $12 in advance at, Chips Vintage or through Lev Snowe directly

Accessibility/policies here
NO racism NO sexism NO homophobia NO transphobia NO ableism

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