EVENING WORKSHOP for everyone to deeply relax and rejuvenate - everyone welcome! Please join..

June is the time of SUMMER SOLSTICE.. and on Monday June 17 Winnipeg is charted for a FULL MOON - a powerful time to gather to rejuvenate. All you need to do is be present!

Come to experience sound and vibrations to bring all parts of Self into balance and alignment. The GONG is a powerful meditative tool that helps us to deeply relax. DRUMMING & human sounds work in that same way and create those inner connections in our nervous and endocrine system, our energetic system, in our minds and hearts that are so important to our quality of life.

Everyone welcome! Come sit with us!

BOOK IN ADVANCE space is limited
[email protected]
FB m.me/sundertashekaur
C$40 per person
C$60 book in with a friend

Sunderta She Kaur is a Manitoba girl at heart born in rural Manitoba who has spent much of her life in Asia. She travels seasonally to the Manitoba prairie to serve community here, dedicated to sharing her life experiences and teachings in hope one person may be inspired or uplifted on their life journey.

This special program is hosted by LIGHT OF THE PRAIRIES RETREAT CENTER located about 15 minutes outside of the Winnipeg perimeter. They are a property and group of welcoming people who share their space for uplifting programs and communities.
Please check them out.