Ufologists: Over the Lake Winnipeg crashed UFO

Ufologists: Over the Lake Winnipeg crashed UFO

Canadians claim that aliens can hide under water.

In Canada, local television news informed residents that the other day an unidentified object had crashed over Lake Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba. According to preliminary data from ufologists, this could be a real alien UFO along with aliens. During the fall of the object, an extraordinary condensation trail formed in the sky, eyewitnesses say.

One of the UFO witnesses told a local television station: “We rarely see such things during the day, but we often encountered UFOs at night. We have stories that can shock the world, one of them is: recently local fishermen have seen how fast moving objects disappear into the water in Lake Winnipeg. Perhaps aliens live there. ”

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Also, there is a website ufosightingsdaily.com, the site states: “Feel free to use any photos, info or videos on this site for any news story you are doing. Full access is granted here and now, all we ask is that you post a link back to us and mention our name.” If you are interested check out the link:


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