Enjoy new MUSEUM BABIES program at The Manitoba Museum which is designed for babies aged 6 to 12 months (sitting, but pre-walking stage, though walking babies are welcome to participate!).

This program helps babies shape their knowledge and understanding of the world through sensory experiences, play, and exploration in the very comfortable conditions. Different themes each week!

February 5 – PLAY: Museum Babies will explore our collection of historical toys, developing imagination, concentration, self-confidence and sociability skills

February 12 – ANIMALS: A whole new world of wonder will open up as Museum Babies encounter animals from our collection. 

February 19 – SOUNDS: Museum Babies will take in information about the world around them experiencing every day sounds and sounds found in nature.

February 26 – COLOURS: Colour will capture the attention of Museum Babies as they discover some of the most treasured, brightly decorated items in our collection.

This program is also available for group bookings. For more detailed information, please check the official website of the Manitoba Museum.

Preliminary registration is required.