This event is designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and sensory processing differences. 

Have fun and enjoy interactive, hands-on learning in a safe and accessible facility with Manitoba Children's Museum! 

Developed in conjunction with experts from Autism Learning Centre, Autism Manitoba, and On The Spectrum Therapy Services, this event features:

- Light and sound reductions in museum galleries
- Extra visual signage for safety
- A less crowded environment
- Designated quiet zones apart from the galleries
- Specialized equipment (i.e., sunglasses, ear defenders, and fidget toys) available upon request
- Specially trained staff to complement your museum experience

The Children’s Museum opens to the general public at 9:30AM. Visitors are welcome to stay after this time, however lights, sounds, signage, and other Explore-Abilities elements/ accommodations will return to regular operating levels at 9:30AM.