The Winnipeg Film Group’s membership has generated a wealth of cinematic treats. Two specially prepared programs affecting the narrative work and non-narrative (experimental/documentary). There is plenty of hybrid work, obviously not traditional works will leave indelible impressions. All of these films represent the dreams and imaginations of Canada’s premiere breeding ground for original and fiercely independent work.

Two parts program.

Part One - 7 pm

Featuring: Bebe Blue (Kayla Jeanson), Broken Dolls (Doug Livingston), Deeper Shades of Blue (Julie Epp), Undone (Erin Buelow), Chain Mail (Vincent Tang), The Birdwatcher (Ryan Steel), Platypus (Trevor Kristjanson), Hot Hot Hott (Alex Ateah), Olympia (Eric Peterson).

Part Two - 9 pm

Featuring: Konstruktion Aria (Jim Pomeroy), Red River Roots (Rachel Beaulieu), Velocity (Kent Tate), On the Bus (Ryan Steel), Laminar pt.1 (Alyssa Bornn), Ccconvolve (Scott Fitzpatrick), Love Starved: More Than Fat (Allison Stevens), Star Machine (Alyssa Bornn), My Boy (Sage).

After the films you cn enjoy After Party at Cordova Tapas & Wine!