This is beautiful, fun, powerful movement and self-expression class for youth and teens. It is to help youth and teens who are struggling with negative self-image, anxiety, big outbursts, etc. to be able to manage, express and even heal some of the struggles they face.

It is extremely important to teach your youth how to complete their body's natural emotional cycles, by involving proper movements. These classes will involve a bit of journaling and alot of movement and expressive dance. Absolutely no dance experience required.

Your teen will leave the four weeks with:

  • 3 personalized movements to release big emotion at home and school
  • 3 breathing patterns that calm the nervous system for home and school
  • A worksheet for calming anxiety and shaking out of depressive states
  • The ability to do some of this work/play at home with parents and siblings.
  • Confidence and joy in finally having a safe space to be themselves.

Classes will involve expressive movement and dance arts to express struggle. We will move to music and silence. Youth will have a safe space to be big and loud and real as they process and work through some of the stress from their week. They will be given exercises to calm the nervous system. You as a parent will be able to do practices with them at home.

There are two on site facilitators, AlexandraTataryn and Kristen Garner, to ensure your child gets the attention and support they need, should they need extra support.