The Windsor Hotel is proud to bring you Cincinnati Ohio's very own stoner rock kings Valley Of The Sun
The best rock music makes the listener feel alive, or at least energized. It’s nice to be reminded when a band just does the balance of stoner and rock just right. That band is Valley Of The Sun (great name for a desert rock group, eh?), who hails from the decidedly un-desert-ly Cincinnati.
Volume Rock isn’t a life-changing album, but it may go down as one of the best stoner rock albums of the year because it understands how to go full-throttle joyously. The album is the result of the band firing on all cylinders. It doesn’t hurt that there are honest-to-God hooks throughout, too. Ryan Ferrier is an excellent vocalist and is more than able to carry a tune.

Local guests Satanic Rights will be kicking off the night with a special brand of rock n’ roll that is absolutely not to be trifled with.

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