“I do not know a woman who is not strong! But I know many women who do not believe they are”

Self-Esteem, what and who we believe we are, underlies our choices, drives our beliefs, assists with setting boundaries, reduces stress and guides our thinking. A strong belief in oneself is about emotional maturity.

The core sense of self is malleable. It can be changed with new information, novel strategies and a shift in beliefs. How does that happen?

This six-week seminar series will guide women through a step by step process of measuring their self worth, setting goals for change, and establishing a stronger reputation with

Guided by Liz Wolff, Clinical Therapist and Registered Social Worker, whose own life includes traumatic experiences which have challenged her ability to cope and recover.

Inspired by the many women who became her guides and mentors, who encouraged renewed spirit and depth, Liz has chosen to devote her work to accompanying women on their personal journey to believing they are strong.