Heart Coherence ~ Love Frequency
April 16, 7-9pm

♥ Surrender ♥
Spring has sprung, and there are many energetic changes; I invite you to gather in sacred circle for activation of Love Light frequency.
Are you ready to receive boundless creation in your life and ground in your knowing?
Who would you be if you allowed yourself to LET GO of your perceived personality from your past?
Join the gathering and see how LOVE frequency changes everything.
Do you know your soul is communicating to you through your body intelligence and desire to create? How does one fulfill their souls potential when limiting beliefs and the conditions from the controlling collective programing have influenced ones electromagnetic grid around one's physical body.?
Fulfilling one’s souls purpose one goes through an energy process of heart transformation, a process for intuitive connection to the souls wisdom that unfolds one’s natural divine state.
Your every thought, emotion and intention has influence, impacting your energy field, your vibrational resonance. When one has limited their perceived life in fear, lack mentality, one lives in a state of resistance to their higher awareness continuing the old cycle of one's karmic path that blocks their access to vital life force and heart intelligence. The earth cycle of duality has separated spirit and matter,separating one's mind and heart from source and the disconnection from mother earth. We are NOW in a time of grand healing and transmuting. Each of us has the power to choose, we can align our bodies and our behaviors to create harmony and consistency with the creative god source within us.
You are a constant, continuous, infinite energy and energy never ends, it transforms. ♥
We are the consciousness that will define the reality that we are evolving into as the awakened mind is a peaceful mind, and one awakens to heart coherence when one slows down their mind accessing their hearts intelligence. One’s flow of intuitive awareness opens the pathway for prosperity consciousness, becoming ONE with the earth mother and the universal family.
Allow yourself to hear the whispers of your soul and the call of the earth mother.
Now is the time to transcend separation from source in the linear matrix and learn to co-create as the power of ONE within the crystalline diamond grid on Gaia. You are the Bringers of the New Love Light, the illumination of LOVE frequency.
The Diamond Light Codes upgrade our consciousness to a full awareness of our Galactic and Cosmic connections, and our place among the Star Nations. The Emerald Light Codes reconnected us with the original Earth and with our abilities as Co-Creators of Time Narratives on Gaia.

♥ A GATHERING of LIGHT: Integration~ Activation ~ Teachings.♥
*meditation*Conscious breath work: for presence, harmonizing, release and expansion in healing.

~ Clearing and identifying low frequencies of fearful limiting beliefs, diving into the ocean of emotion held in the physical and energetic bodies. ( Subconscious)
~ Heart intelligence, heart is primal.
~ Why does the physical /ego mind think its in charge?
~ Duality and nonduality /Cultivating a forgiving calm mind.
~ Activating and attuning your soul source with intention so the earth mother can feel you.
~ Understanding the universe as cosmic glue.Clearing electrical magnetic grids .
~ Understanding ones vortex energy/tube torus/light body/I AM.

This workshop is for :
~ Wayshowers, light workers, crystalline grid keepers, sensitives, empaths, curious souls! ~ Anyone wanting to enhance their light encoded filaments.

*Guided by, The Mighty Elohim / Emissaries of Light

WHEN: Tuesday, April 16
TIME: 7pm - 9 pm (Please arrive 10 min early to settle in)
LOCATION: Sacred Places - 3000 St Mary's Rd

* PAYMENT /RESERVE your spot by e-transfer or paypal.me
** RSVP and e-transfer - Darlene Drewniak at [email protected] (PW. creation )

WHAT to BRING: A notebook ~ A crystal or token to share in the circle~ Yoga mat and or meditation pillow to lie down ~ An open mind ~There will be chairs for your comfort.

Feel free to contact me for more information. ♥

*Awakening Creation Within /Master Soul Alchemist/ Darlene Drewniak
Bridging the gap between illusion and TRUTH has been my life’s work. Emerging as an empowered visionary, I’ve passionately embraced and developed over my 52 years as a multi-sensory, mystic - medium. Those who seek their TRUTH for the crystalline heart energy within, are drawn to my Divine Grace as a creative medium, weaving quantum vibrational medicine.
In private sessions with clients, or in sacred group classes, I foster the awakening of ones higher awareness and soul growth, by teaching the cycle of soul transformation, soul alchemy, ascension.
Peaceful Love in the I Am Presence ♥