Vigilus has not fallen yet!
We are hosting our second in store Vigilus event! It’s another way to earn your coin and access to the massive North American Vigilus Event taking place in August in Grapevine, Texas.
This time we’re hosting an escalation league that lets you grow your forces and reinforce your faction’s position on Vigilus. You’ll start with a small 25 power level collection of survivors, and as the weeks go on, you'll recruit more units to your force until you have a battle ready & painted, 75 power level force! The tide of the battle on Vigilus will be yours to turn in your factions favor!
How it works:
Earn your exclusive Vigilus Coin by completing 2 of the 3 challenges:
1. a. Start building & painting a new army of at least 25 Power Level.
b. Complete the building/painting of a 75 Power Level force.
2. Play 5 Vigilus Mission, they can be from either book 1 or 2.
3. Participate in the Vigilus Showcase painting contest, (with a single model/ a unit/ or a vehicle/ monster).

The Time Line:
Sat. April 20th - League Starts. Begin building/painting models to add to your force.
April 20th-June 1st - Build, paint your force. Play 5 Vigilus missions of your choice from either book and decide which category you want to enter for the Vigilus Ablaze Showcase Painting Contest, (or enter a miniature in each category).
June 8th - The Vigilus Ablaze Showcase Painting Contest and Award ceremony.