In this information session, you will learn the 3 areas that can propel you to more confidence and a successful outcome in your job search and networking.

Self-esteem - evaluation of your worth. What you believe about yourself is what you’ll be projecting. Your self-esteem is influenced by many factors like culture, family, community, religion, education, status. Are you in control of yourself or are you controlled by situations and people's opinion of your worth?

Communication - the process of exchanging information. It allows us to interact with each other and share knowledge, experience, and emotions. It includes many components like the clarity of the message, the sound of your voice, grasp of the language, situational thinking. Are you commanding attention and respect every time you speak?

Impression Management - being in control of the impression you make every time you are seen or heard. Elements like attitude, social skills, grooming, body language, punctuality, and personal responsibility are always on display. Do you know what impression you are making?

Your communication will reflect the level of your self-esteem. How you communicate is how you are perceived and how you are perceived is how you are treated. If you don’t like the way you are being treated, look at the way you are communicating and the impression you are making.

Join us for this session and get a couple of tips in each area if you;

Hear "pardon me" often when you speak with native English language speakers

Avoid having a conversation for lack of confidence in your communication

Have ideas and answers but don’t share them

Your communication doesn’t match your qualifications, experience or career goals

Write better than you speak

Are conscious of your pronunciation and grammar


Gloria Pierre

Founder, Clearly Speaking