For any parent/caregiver interested in more information or support regarding their young person’s alcohol, drug or gambling use, or those interested in learning more about the signs to watch for to determine if their young person may be using alcohol or drugs.

Parents must be able to attend both nights. There is NO CHARGE to attend this program. To register, please call: Alana Sigurdson at 204.223.8829 OR Jeremy Hennessey at 204.223.9952

A young person does not need to be involved with the AFM for their parents or caregivers to attend. The purpose of the Parent Intervention Program is to:

- Introduce the AFM Youth Services’ philosophy in working with youth
- Strengthen the understanding of how a youth’s substance use affects everyone
- Introduce parent response strategies that may assist and support youth in making healthier choices
- Reintroduce principles of self-care to aid parents in maintaining health
- Decrease isolation of parents/caregivers by providing information about available community supports and a network of mutual encouragement and support