Please join us for our first session of BEA Prairies Talks: a City-Building Speakers Series!

Each month we will hear from a leader representing a city-building profession, including: Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Planning, Construction, Interior Design, and Public Art. ______________________________________________________

April 23: Architects at Play @ Prairie Architects (101-136 Market Avenue), 7pm
Reserve your free ticket here.

May 7: Chloe Chafe & Andrew Eastman, Co-Founders of Synonym Art Consultation @ Lantern Gallery (211 Pacific)

June: Planner TBD

Each talk in this series will be free of charge and held in a different location each time.
* Please Note: Talks held at smaller venues will require attendees to reserve a spot in advance, on a first come, first-served basis by reserving a spot through Eventbrite. Talks that require a reserved ticket will be identified.

Children are welcome at all events.

Please contact with any questions about accessibility or to let us know as soon as possible before the event how we can make sure that this event is accessible and enjoyable for you (eg. sign-language interpreter etc.)


About Building Equality in Architecture Prairies (BEA Prairies):

Our organization aims to support, celebrate, and connect practitioners working in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, the construction industry, and interior design across the prairies. BEA Prairies uses an intersectional and cross-disciplinary approach to support leadership, mentorship, and networking opportunities in our professional community. We host events and public lectures; work to generate awareness and dialogue around inclusive practices and addressing barriers; and celebrate the multiplicity of voices, hands, and minds who plan and design our communities.