This progressive series is for strengthening your existing Acro practice. In 4 weeks of working together as a group, we have the opportunity to revisit and build on skills from the class before, and get specific on technique to expand on your practice in a cohesive way.
Tuesdays April 16-May 7, 7:00-8:30PM
Jam week May 14, 7:00-8:30 to practice and refine.

The theme for this series is to prepare you for intermediate workshops and classes.
Learn some washing machines and transitions that have been around for a long time! These are classics for a reason, they really will teach you a lot about acrobatic transitions and give you a solid place to work in your training time. If these are already familiar there will be options to spice it up ;)

Prerequisites for series:
Comfort with basing flying and spotting the following basic Acro poses: Bird, Throne, Sidestar, Back Flying, Shoulderstand and Star.

This series is not suitable for those new to AcroYoga. Drop-ins will be permitted, but you must have familiarity with pre-req poses are a base, flyer and spotter. Studio pricing for drop-ins or use your PCY memberships or class passes.

$52.50 (includes tax)
Post Secondary Students can receive 10% off with valid ID

Email instructor if you have any questions before attending [email protected]