The Cliffs of Fundy Aspiring Global Geopark spans the area from Apple River to Debert, from the coast to the highlands - all Geopark communities are welcome to this event at The Peg in Masstown.

Cliffs of Fundy has been selected for an international evaluation this summer - join us for an update on the project, discussion and refreshments, and discover opportunities for involvement!

A Geopark is an area recognized by UNESCO to have exceptional geological heritage. This simply means that the area has a natural landscape that is good for education, has a significant scientific value, is particularly rare or it is simply beautiful to look at. Geoparks also celebrate a region's culture, heritage, art, food, music, and more. Geoparks are proven to bring in tourists, and create job and business opportunities. They do not limit land use or the activities enjoyed on that land.