The Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge (CCDC) is pleased to present our Premier Sponsor for 2019 - Epic (A Bell MTS Company). This year we will be hosting our challenge as part of Epic's Technology Day. Along with Epic, their technology partners and industry affiliates, we hope to make this year's challenge the most exciting event of our eight-year program legacy. The event will be set over over a six-hour challenge competition, where students work in teams of four to five to identify and develop proactive solutions to problems they encounter on the simulated CCDC network environment. As a team, they defend and protect their fictitious organization against simulated security breaches while learning to work together to achieve results and score points. The teams score points by locating vulnerabilities (targets), deciphering hidden cryptic mitigating the risks, and protecting their network domain. Throughout the competition, the teams will document their findings and then summarize their results in the form of a brief 7-minute presentation which they will deliver to a panel of judges who act as the executive management for the fictitious organization. At the conclusion of the event competition teams will be judged based on their technical problem-solving scores and their presentation scores. Three teams will be selected and awarded prizes and trophies based on their placement - First | Second | Third. The prizes and trophies will be presented as part of an award ceremony in front of their competitive school peers and an audience composed of industry professionals.

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link.