Friday April 26, 2019 6-9pm
Saturday April 27, 9-4pm
Sunday April 28th, 9-4pm

Along with Reiki manual a second manual is given covering more encompassing topics which come up during Reiki.

​​In this two and a half day session you will learn:

History of Reiki
Benefits and principals of Reiki
The Chakra system
Meditations for meeting your Guides, Gassho
Three Pillars of Reiki
Learn first 3 symbols of Reiki, their uses, and Attunements
Correct hand positions of Reiki for self-healing and for others
Everything you need to know to obtain Certificate for Levels 1 and 2 of Usui Reiki

$350 for both
Manuals, light lunch and snacks provided. 204-229-7296
wear comfortable clothing
email [email protected] for registration form

What are the benefits of learning Reiki?
Greater sense of self-awareness, self confident, self love, empowerment
First steps to taking control and responsibility for our health and well-being
Self Care Managment - tools to take better care of the self
Learning healthy boundaries
Self Discovery of unique gifts
To become a skilled Practitioner for helping others in their healing journey including our Code of Ethics
This is the first step to discovering your unique purpose and blueprint for success on your personal journey
Release old rigid conditioning and patterns of behaviour that left us stuck, unhealthy and self sabatage
Learning how to honor our feelings and emotions, and channel them in a much healthier way
Become grounded and balanced mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Become more connected to nature & much more aware of how to manage your day-to-day energy.
Release fears, accepting and handling change in healthy way
Gain clarity, increased creativity, sense of purpose
Increased gratitude, appreciation and compassion

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