Join the Manitoba Museum’s conservation team and learn how to prevent damage and deterioration to your family’s historic documents, letters, photographs, and books with simple and practical at-home techniques.

The workshop will begin with a brief tour of our Human History collections storage vault. You’ll see the types of preservation methods we use to safely care for our artifact. Following the tour, you will learn about the types of deterioration personal archival memorabilia can incur and be introduced to the tools and supplies used in paper and book conservation. Then you move to our conservation laboratory where the Museum’s conservators will demonstrate dry cleaning techniques for books and paper. You can also learn how to create a 4-flap folder, encapsulate photographs, and make a phase and clamshell box for books. You will then have the opportunity to try each of these activities and take home your completed projects.

This workshop includes all the materials and supplies needed to complete four types of preservation storage mounts. Please bring one small book, a single photograph, and one paper document (letter sized) to be used as samples for creating storage mounts.