Inner Light is an educational platform designed to hold space for all those in need to re connect back in with their own light.

We believe each person is important and valuable- we endeavour to provide the tools for yoga teachers, healers and those in the field to hold space for their fellow humans in a way that is non harming, non judgemental and compassionate.

Divided into three weekend modules, this training is designed to encompass healing, learning and participation. We encourage that you commit to showing up fully to receive the most amount of benefits from your experience.

Module One is Loving What is and the Science behind it. This weekend will explore trauma, stress, the fight-flight-freeze response, how the anatomy of the body changes with experience, and how this interconnects with the body, mind, and spirit within the yoga practices.

Module Two is Holding Space: Sequencing and Creation in Practice. This weekend will explore boundaries and holding space, pranayama and breathwork, sequencing, and safe and consensual touch.

Module Three is Intuition and Support: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Self Healing. This weekend will explore the influence of our belief systems as teachers, mindfulness, self care practices, mindfulness practices rooted in healing, and how we can support others.

Module Four is Integrated Movement: For every body, every mind, every human. This weekend will explore integrating the teachings into your classes and offerings, cultivating compassion and non-judgment, and meditation techniques for healing.

Investment for Module: 27 hours
$450 (Early Bird January 15th, 2019)
$575 as of January 16th, 2019

Advanced Yoga Training: 108 hours
Full Training Investment : $1500 (early bird January 15th, 2019)
$1800 as of January 16th, 2019

Training held in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We believe in accessibility; payment plans with deposit available.