LOOKING TO BUY YOUR FIRST HOME? Learn how to successfully navigate your first home purchase.

If you're interested in buying your first home but aren't sure where to start, this event is for you! Join me for a fun, educational, low pressure afternoon as we discuss the basics about purchasing a home. Learn about:

- Deposits | What is their purpose? How much do you need? When is it cashed?
- Down Payments | How much is required? Benefits to putting 5% vs 20% down.
- Closing Costs | How much are they? When are they due?
- Condos vs Houses | Which property is right for you?
- Writing a Offer | What is the process? How do you know how much to pay?
- Multiple Offers | How to be successful in a competing offer situation.
- Possession Day Tips | What to do once you've moved in to your home.

Special guest Raechelle Mudray from Castle Mortgage Group will join us to deliver information about the process of getting approved for a mortgage.

$100 IKEA GIFT CARD DRAW! All attendees will be eligible to win!
Light refreshments will be served.