On Sunday May 5th, School of Rock is taking over the Park Theatre! Live performances include:

Wednesday Rock 101
A tribute to Black Sabbath
90's Alternative Rock Party

Admission is $15 and advance tickets are on sale at the school (657 Corydon Avenue) starting Friday March 1st, 2019

School of Rock is a performance-based music school that has been training Winnipeg’s next generation of Rock Stars and Divas since 2016! Located at 657 Corydon Avenue, they apply the familiar everyday music lesson into a real-life setting: The stage. It’s a really simple “concept to context” mentality and it’s working!

A School of Rock performance is an amazing thing to watch. Their students rock harder than most bands and musicians they share the stage with. Their community runs deep with confidence, enthusiasm, passion and equality. Yes, there is now a place for kids to rock!

Our students enchant older rock fans with their musical skill while mesmerizing younger audiences with their infectious exuberance. It’s a show for all ages! The energy is contagious and will leave you wanting more. Imagine learning how to play hockey but never participating in a scrimmage or a game. Where would the fun be in any of that? This same issue occurs with a lot of the music education programs you have available for your children. A revolution was long overdue and one school has declared change!