Through the Eye of the Horse:

This program is designed for those participants age 8 to 70+ who want to learn how to handle and care for horses but who don't want to get in the saddle (just yet). What's unique about this program is that you can experience all the health and wellness benefits from horses without having to get in the saddle. Whether you are nervous about horses, had a previous bad experience or just want to figure out what all the fuss is about with horses, this is a great program to try out!

The program is ground work based so that participants can develop confidence, knowledge and skills without having to start-off with riding. Participants are able to connect with horses while developing essential horsemanship skills necessary for caring for and riding horses successfully in the future. The classes start off with grooming and basic groundwork, which develop into fun games and challenges for the participants to compete in with their horse partner.

Lessons taught indoors!

​Sold in a package of 4, 1 hr lessons for $150 + GST

4 Saturdays in May starting May 4th 10:00am to 11:00am *note may long weekend lesson may be rescheduled depending on the number of students available for the date*

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link.