Calling All Catholic Men!

A call for husbands, fathers and sons, grandfathers and widowers, priests and deacons, young men in preparation for your vocation: engage in the spiritual battle and struggle for virtue and excellence.

Develop your interior life of prayer needed to live fully as a Christian man. Learn to how a Catholic man loves.

Join us for a full day workshop facilitated by Anthony (Tony) Castellano – author of the website

“I am grateful to Anthony for providing a high-quality guide ... I encourage those of you in leadership roles to use the Forward! Into the Breach compendium workbook for men’s groups and to pray for a renewal of virtuous masculinity and lively commitment to Christ in Catholic men. When we live this commitment, we realize that no greater adventure exists.”
- Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, May 2016

Archbishop LeGatt will begin the workshop with Mass at 9:00am in the main hall of St. Boniface Cathedral.

This event is part of the National Week for Life and Family.

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