Contemporary Canadian Indigenous artists have produced three major schools of art. In this workshop, Victoria will help you discover Woodland art – its’ artists, traditions, imagery and style. We will spend time looking at and discussing the art and look at the role Norval Morrisseau played in the development of the style. We will look at the role of animals, the images of transformation and the meaning of symbols. Participants will have the opportunity to create a painting in the Woodlands style. (Suitable for Grades 3 to 8)

Victoria E McIntosh (Elaine) is an Indigenous artist and educator. She has explored many spectrums of visual arts, from simple pencil drawings to elaborate paintings including murals of storytelling. She has earned 2 diplomas in fine arts, and another in Product Art at the Winnipeg Technical College. She will soon receive her Education Degree from the University of Manitoba.

May 13 9AM to 3:30PM
Attendance: Limited to 24 registrants
Registration: $75.00
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