Julie Guard, Rhonda Hinther, and Janis Thiessen will engage in conversation (moderated by Deborah McPhail) around themes of gender, labour, and resistance moments, as part of a celebration of the publication of Julie Guard’s newest book _Radical Housewives: Price Wars and Food Politics in Mid-Twentieth-Century Canada_.

The public is invited to participate in this conversation.

A brief description of Julie Guard's _Radical Housewives_:
From 1937 until the 1950s, the Housewives Consumers Association led a broadly based popular movement for state control of prices and made other far-reaching demands on the state. As radical consumer activists, the Housewives engaged in gender-transgressive political activism that challenged the government to protect consumers’ interests rather than just those of business while popularizing socialist solutions to the economic crises of the Great Depression and the immediate postwar years. Julie Guard’s book, Radical Housewives, recounts their story and reinterprets the view of postwar Canada as economically prosperous and reveals the left’s role in the origins of the food security movement.