"After the successful defeat of the 1Hunnid Squad in Summer of '18, YHTC rode off into the sunset in what seemed to be a now peaceful world... but, what's that on the horizon? More Squads getting ready to try and take the prize away from the victorious YHTC? Will Planet Dodgeball ever be peaceful again? Find out, Sunday May 19th!"
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Short-court 3v3 tournament, switch sides every round.
All teams must consist of at least one woman and one man on court at the start of each round.
Please note: There will be a limit of sixteen (16) teams for this event!
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With the advent of Dodgeball Canada aiming to professionalize the sport, as well as livestreaming becoming even more readily available with the WDBF Livestream Movement, any sort of innuendo in a team's name is currently not allowed.
All possible Code of Conduct violations by any player or team will be noted. Please view the full Code of Conduct by the link
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Registration here
Roster Listing here
Non-Members: $20 / player
2019 DBMB HP Members: $10 / player
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