This month’s Challenge: April 28th – May 25th
Our firth and final Painting Challenge is to complete a set of 6 Objective Markers or a Fortification for the 40K hobbyists and a Terrain Piece or a Monster for the Age of Sigmar Hobbyists.
For the Battle Challenges, 40K players are challenged to play with 4 of the 8 Battlezone Rule sets, (you can play all 8 and earn bonus points).
Age of Sigmar players are challenged to play 2 of the 6 Battleplans from the Pitched Battle section of the General’s Handbook 2018. (You can play all 6 and earn bonus points)
Once you have completed these challenges make sure to check with staff to record your points. And don’t forget the Bonus Points up for grabs. These are easily combined with the main challenges to earn you points even faster.