Theory and Beer is a casual critical discussion group. Each month addresses readings on different topics related to art led by guest facilitators. It's fun, free, for people of all genders and you don't have to drink beer if you don't want to! Do the readings ahead of time and come prepared to participate in the discussion.

Visual art and creative education is a critical part of the development of a 21st-century learner. However, the artwork being produced in the classrooms in North America today often reflects ideals and concepts from the 20th century, focussing on form and function while leaving out conceptual thinking. This Theory and Beer is a call to action for quality art education and a discussion about what art education could be. How can the ways we teach art significantly impact student art being made today for a better society tomorrow?

Readings: here , here and here.

Stacey Abramson is a video artist, art critic and passionate art educator who works within the public-school system. She is a current mentor and alumni of the Art21 Educators Program in New York City.