For this special event Field Class, I'll be joined by Gordon Goldsborough, author, master storyteller and popular CBC Radio host who will contribute invaluable experience while you visually explore the heritage, culture, and landscape of Abandoned Manitoba. Actually you might have already read his books "Abandoned Manitoba" and "More Abandoned Manitoba!"

We'll venture nearby to where once grand structures stood tall and proud, where these abandoned structures now lie in various decaying states of ruin. History in this sense is extraordinarily vital. It not only allows us to feel an intimate human connection with the people immediately before us but also begs us to think about where we are going next. It is here where we'll explore ways to think about various genres and cover techniques for making effective imagery. Each location we'll visit has its own particular look, character, and ambiance. There is no substitute for making lots of pictures, and few other things are as much fun.

Now, where should you start and what should you do? The fact that you're reading this right now is your key to making the photos you've always hoped for. So congratulations. It's time to register.