The Winnipeg Women’s Show is pleased to co-host "MASTER YOUR METABOLISM”...

... a main-stage, experiential presentation hosted by IIN Health Coach and Nutritionist ASHLEY PHARAZYN with My Quaint Traditions

SATURDAY, MAY 25... at the Red River Place
3977 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

MAIN STAGE @ 1:00pm (rush seating)

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When is the last time you say YES to yourself?

Has your body been sending you SOS signals, but you consistently ignore them?

Let's talk about ways to build trust between you and your body and start listening to signs and signals.

Do you have healthy boundaries in place with all relationships in your life? When boundaries are in place you protect your time and space.

IIN certified Health Coach, Ashley Pharazyn is going to help you break down the barriers of self-doubt and will help allow you to say yes to yourself moving forward. Allowing yourself to say yes to opportunities and experiences will open the door to happiness.

Ashley will share the damage stress does to the body and will help make the connection as to how important it is to listen to signs and signals. After years of ignoring her own body, Ashley went from what she thought was healthy, to covered in eczema, having between 70-80 different food sensitivities and allergies and was the lowest weight she had been in during her adult life. With a lot of patience, she was able to heal her body through food.

We often jump to aid others, yet leave ourselves neglected. Ashley will share some relaxing ways that you can unplug.

ABOUT IIN Health Coach and Nutritionist ASHLEY PHARAZYN with My Quaint Traditions

Ashley Pharazyn is a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the program Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen.

Ashley believes that food is medicine and she loves inspiring people to get into their kitchens to create nutrient dense and delicious meals. As a health coach, Ashley offers one on one coaching, group programs, in-class workshops and online programs.