We have some shows in and around Winnipeg. Mark your calendars and see you there! :)

Thursday, May 30- DRYDEN, ON - Dan and Laurel at MIDTOWN STAGE
34 Whyte Ave
Dryden, Ontario P8N 1Z3

Friday, May 31- Times Changed (The Dylanaires feat. Sky Onnoson, Jeremy Rusu, Dan Frechette and Jake Bell. 9-12.
Saturday, June 1- The Dylanaires at Deen's Restaurant on Marion (6-9)

Thursday, June 6- WINNIPEG, MB - Dan and Laurel feature at GORDIE'S COFFEEHOUSE, 127 Cobourg. 7-9pm.

Friday, June 7- WHITEMOUTH, MB - (Dan and Laurel) MOON GATE GUEST HOUSE

Saturday, June 8 - 10 a.m. - Dan Frechette at St. Norbert Farmers Market.
Saturday, June 8- TREHURNE, MB - (Dan and Laurel) DELAHUNT GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB

Sunday, June 9- LAC DU BONNET, MB - (Dan and Laurel) CONCERT AT ST. JOHN'S.

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