A Little Pizza Heaven has started up their weekly Trivia Night which is a multimedia spectacular! It's a chock-full of the usual trivia toppings (music rounds, movies, TV, celebs, history, the news, etc. ) as well as some special surprises. In between rounds there will be a chance to win drinks or other prizes at your table by completing a "Beer Bonus Challenge". Drink specials all night to help keep you fueled for the action!

In case you are wondering how it all works...

A team can consist of a maximum of 6 members (anymore results in a point handicap per round). Don't have a team?!? Come alone and we will gladly help you join one, or be a rogue, One Person Army!

Each member pays $3 to participate. At the end of the night, the first and second place teams receive a discounted bar tab (percentage based on the number of teams entered).

There are 3 rounds, with 3 categories per round, and 10 questions per category! That is 90 questions throughout the night. It is all presented in a PowerPoint presentation including audio, video, and picture categories. THE FIRST CATEGORY IS ALWAYS "CURRENT NEWS". as in, news of the last week.