St. Mary's Road United Church and Camino Manitoba invite you to their 2nd annual Camino Walk on June 1st. Details below, and please RSVP to [email protected]. Hope you can make it out!!

Why not give your mind, body and spirit a lift by joining us for a 15 km walk on June 1st? We will start at 9 am together at St. Mary’s Road United Church where, over coffee/juice, we can introduce ourselves, do some course orientation and a bit of stretching. We will also spend a bit of time reflecting on what we each want to get out of the walk. Then we will be on our way leaving at about 10 am.

The route is surprisingly non-urban and takes us through Elm Park, Churchill Drive, Riverview Gardens, under the Norwood bridge and to Odena at the Forks where we will eat a bag lunch together (don’t forget to bring your own lunch). Then on the way back – over and then under the Norwood bridge, around Norwood flats and back to the church where we will each be invited to share a brief observation about the day. We expect to be all done by 2:30 pm. In total there will be about 4 hours of walking depending on your pace. (There are a few short-cuts, too, if you want to lop off a few kilometres).

Please bring good walking shoes, a backpack with band-aids for potential blisters, water, snacks (fruit is good!), a bag lunch, rain gear (the only way we don’t go is if there’s lightning) and of course sunscreen and hat. We’d encourage you to leave your phone at home or at least power it off for the duration of the day. Bring a bus ticket, too, in case you find that walking the entire route is too much.

And while there’s no charge (it’s a low budget affair), we would appreciate it if you let us know you’re planning to come. We’d love to spend the day with you. And by all means, invite friends and family. You can reach us at [email protected].

Dennis Butcher, Gilles Boulley. Shaun Loney

St. Mary's Road United Church is located at 613 St. Mary's Road. Here is the link with a map