Have you ever thought to yourself, 'should have trusted my gut' or 'what is my gut telling me'?
Only to reflect on your own thoughts and wonder what exactly DOES that even mean?... Or is it just me that has inner dialect?

NO? GREAT!!!!!

We all live in this physical world with our 5 senses; sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. However what is not freely talked about is how we are just as much etheric (energetic, spiritual, many words can be interchanged here) bodies as well, and this body is accompanied by 5 non physical senses as well;

Clairalinece is to sense of smell

Clairaudience is to sound

Clairgustance is to taste

Clairsentience is to touch/feel

Clairvoyance is to sight

These five non-physical intuitive aids are just as our physical in terms of abilities, they can all be improved.

In this workshop we will will discuss what the definition and meaning of these five are, what your strongest sense is, and how to exercise and improve your abilities.

The more we strengthen our abilities the better life can get, experience day to day clarity, greater decision making abilities, and expanding your awareness for those around you.

This workshop runs from 6-8:30 but feel free to stay for tea afterwards to discuss personal experiences.

Exchange is $30 payable in person, and space is limited

To book a spot either DM InStill or click for tickets!