Shell 2 Shine - founded by Angie (Smith) Sinclair saw a need to help other women during times of trauma of relationship loss and has expanded to include the launch of Women's Social Activity Events to draw women together for uplifting and empowering each other. Most of a woman's time in her life is taking care of others, most of the time while working outside the home, then coming home to look after a home. Time to take a breather! Take time to fill your "cup" with other women, learn from them, laugh with them and enjoy time designed for YOU.
Come out and test your talent and curiosities at this "420 Friendly" Paint Night event!

No - you do not HAVE to partake.
Yes - you need to be aware that others will be lighting up, munching on edibles or a variation of weed indulging.
No - you do not need to be Picaso (I can barely draw a stick person!)
Yes - wear clothes you are ok with getting paint on
No - cannabis is not provided FOR you, it is BYOC!

** PLEASE be aware of your abilities - should you need a ride after, arrange this ahead. **

About Kush and Kanvases

Kush & Kanvases is Canada’s first 420 painting experience! We offer Cannabis enthusiast and Cannabis tourist a safe relaxing environment to enjoy Art & Erb!

No experience necessary!! Our talented artists will guide and work with you to create your own personal masterpiece. “Sessions” run for 2 hrs with “Sesh” breaks in bet