In our world, the mantra is typically centered all around the hustle. But in order to keep driving forward and chase after that dream, you have to take care of who’s behind the wheel. And let’s face it… Sometimes we rationalize neglecting ourselves.

Even though ‘hustle’ and ‘self-care’ sometimes feel like they are at opposite ends of the f*cking scale, it’s important to give yourself permission to take care of you because ambition isn’t kind when you burn out. It’s time we bring some balance into the mix. Shifting our habits takes time, and real change comes from putting in the work—so let’s learn where to begin.

The Ace Wellness Series is designed to go beyond the buzz-worthy wellness trends sweeping your timelines, and accepting that (unfortunately) not all problems can be solved with a candle and a bath bomb. We’re digging deep on how to get in touch with your personal wellness goals, where you should be investing your time and why, and how to effectively take action and create a routine that works for you. We’ll be empowered each week with thoughtful discussions led by leaders from the community.

Here’s the topic breakdown:

Forever Young - June 4: Skin is the human body’s largest organ, it’s time we take care of it and embrace that beautiful reflection in the mirror.

Health & Habits - June 11: Food is power. Add a little mindfulness to your diet and learn to cultivate a nutritious lifestyle that works for you.

The Burnout is Real - June 18: A buzzword and a problem all the same. Is “busy” your badge of honour? Learn how to turn things around before your gas tank hits empty.

Meet your speakers for the series:

June 4: Tina Cable, Founder of Myuz Makeup Artistry & Esthetics
June 11: Brooke Van Ryssel, Founder of My Body Fitness + Nutrition
June 18: Acksanna Witherspoon, M.A, Licensed Therapist


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Location - Well Curated Creative Agency, 520-70 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The location should be specified.