It’ time to gain clarity on your personal and small business finances, lady boss!

Our member Madison Kinzel works with millennials to create living plans for their financial journey that begins today and will help prepare them for all the future milestones to come.

Madison is an associate consultant for Investor’s Group Private Wealth Management sector, and they’re changing the way people see wealth. She takes a holistic approach to your financial success by taking the time to understand all aspects of your financial life and family life, including your goals and concerns.

In this free seminar, you will:

1. Look at your financial wellbeing in a holistic way

a. ACTIVITY: Group discussion

Managing cash flow efficiently
Optimizing your retirement
Preparing for the unexpected
Planning for major expenditures
Sharing your wealth
Maximizing your business success

2. Identify gaps in your knowledge about finances

a. ACTIVITY: Group discussion with interactive demonstration

Budgeting worksheet and how it works
Investing: some basic math to see the big picture
Saving: Some basic math to see the big picture (having fun with numbers)

3. Self-reflect on what is important to you concerning your finances, professionally and personally

a. ACTIVITY: Goals and Concerns Worksheet

Material Items

4. Understand the basics of what an IG Living Plan is, the process, and how it can help you

5. Enjoy talking about finances and feeling comfortable conquering this important part of any business

a. ‘The Lingo’

b. What to watch for

c. Who to go to for help

Key Takeaways

1. Gain insight in different areas of finances

2. Learn tips and tricks to help keep you on track to reach your goals and dreams

3. Clear picture of what matters to you – your goals and your concerns

4. The IG Living Plan and how planning now can help you in your future

Let’s talk MONEY!

Light refreshments will be provided.