Looking to grow and enhance your music studio but want more that just "another method"? Are you passionate about teaching young children and want to be part of an engaged, positive culture of teachers?

Music for Young Children® provides students with a strong foundation in music by integrating keyboard, creative movement, rhythm, singing,ear training, sight reading, music theory and composition. MYC® is the only early childhood method that integrates and actively uses conservatory repertoire and theory to prepare our graduates for their first practical and theory

MYC® is ideal for teachers who meet specific piano and theory qualifications and are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about music. Our teachers receive special program training and are mentored through a network of regional coordinators who provide ongoing support and guidance.

The MYC Level 1 training is completed over 4-5 days. Level 1 training lays the foundation of the teacher’s knowledge and ability to understand, teach and apply the MYC Method, covering all aspects of "the MYC way" of teaching.
All entry points of the program are covered/taught. We provide and guide teachers with marketing and advertising materials as well as provide support in business planning.

Call 1-800-561-1MYC (Toll Free in Canada and US) for a seminar's location near you or email: [email protected]

Visit the link for more details and apply to become at teacher here