Join us at Thrive Community Support Circle to pick up your FREE reward! If you are pregnant or have an infant 3 months of age or younger, you are eligible to receive a free safe sleep bag from us!


Our 100% cotton, lightweight, gender neutral sleep bag features a front zippered opening, which zips from the bottom up - making those middle of the night diaper changes as hassle free as possible.

PHAC (The Public Health Agency of Canada) recommends avoiding the use of soft bedding, such as pillows, comforters, quilts and bumper pads in a babies sleep environment. Using a sleep bag provides warmth and comfort for baby while helping them to sleep safely.

Collecting your free safe sleep sack in 3 simple steps:

1) Visit the site to register.

2) Watch a series of short videos and take the quiz to get your Completion ID

3) Click on "Visit a partner" and then click on the website to finalize your reward redemption reservation.

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link.

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