Join Cindy Hanson and Barb Byers and as they discuss their important new book at the Winnipeg launch of Cracking Labour’s Glass Ceiling: Transforming Lives through Women’s Union Education (Fernwood Publishing).

Although the health of the trade union movement may rest on its ability to include women in membership and leadership, little attention has been paid to women-only labour education.

This original collection contains vibrant example of labour education events and the women involved who develop, implement, research, evaluate and facilitate at them. All the contributors speak from first-hand experience with women-only programs in unions across Canada, the United States and the world. They identify the methods used in pursuit of learner empowerment and transformation, and frankly discuss the outcomes. These real-life examples offer practical guidance and inspiration for all who create and support activist learning within unions and other social-justice organizations.

Cindy Hanson is an associate professor of adult education at the University of Regina.

Barbara Byers is the former Secretary Treasurer of The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). She has been a lifelong activist dedicated to create a more feminist, inclusive, equal, just and peaceful world.