Open Learning Circle for anyone interested, 7 spaces available
RSVP Ko’ona 204.898.2611 to secure your spot.

Local Full moon ceremonies will be posted for those wishing to participate in spiritual activities.

If weather permits teaching may occur outdoors

Ceremony has the power to cleanse and heal - not only the individuals who directly participate, but all those who share in land and heart space. Ceremony is not always easy, and really ought to come with a disclaimer: "Be aware that as you prepare and step through this Gateway of power, sh*t may come up for cleansing or release, emotions may be stirred, thoughts may be challenging... AND all is well. This is to be expected."

Winter Solstice of 2018, started a year (13 moons) of enacting power dedicated to helping to heal the line of connectivity between humanity and Gaia. On June 17th, we will be approximately half way through this cycle. The focus includes:

~ commitment to clear-heart-seeing while we make decisive movements in our own lives and on behalf of humanity;
~ tenacious intentionality and integrity as we embody the discipline of ceremonial life;
~ channeling and enacting power on behalf of Gaia and all her inhabitants.

If you are called to celebrate the full moon of June and Solstice with a candle, you can heighten the energies by making offerings over the span of June 3rd (dark moon) to June 17th (full moon), observing "clean living", and setting your intentions for the remaining year.

Should you feel called to help move gracefully through this Gateway of power, please send a prayers of Gratitude.

Please note a PRAYER FIRE AND WATER CEREMONY on June 17th. Will gather prayers from the public - whatever prayers you would like presented to the Fire  send them by June 14th

In Earth Blessings, gratitude and loving heart 

The location should be specified - 737 Sargent Avenue