Our Goal and Objective is to enhance and benefit our community youth and adults, with mindset skills which will encourage and promote success thinking, cross-cultural understanding, harmonious relationships and equality among peers.

Participants will experience exercises in:
✔️ Mindfulness
✔️ De-stressing
✔️ Choosing Healthy Options
✔️ Positive Self-Talk
✔️ Relationship Building & Closer Community
✔️ Creating a Meaningful Life
✔️ Increasing Confidence, Focus, Concentration, Motivation, Energy
✔️ Creating a Happier Life
✔️ Gratitude
✔️ Ease and Flow
✔️ The 80/20 Principle defined.

Please CONTACT for registration or further information:
Kavita (Text): 204 792 4240
Email: [email protected] 

Cost: 65$

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link.