‘Community over competition’ is not just another hashtag we use on Instagram; it’s one of the mottos we live by in Hustle + Charm. Women have been pitted against each other for years; pushed to see each other as competition and enemies. What we need to continue to realize is that we’re better together, stronger together, and can kick some serious ass together!

The Boss Babe Roundtable is our newest event series designed to bring women of similar industries together to:

Get to know others in the same field
Chat about industry trends
Share success stories
Talk about our struggles
Trade ideas and resources
Initiate referral systems
Discuss collaboration opportunities
Build new friendships

Winnipeg is a small city and it’s easy for us to fall prey to the idea there’s not enough business for everyone. Often the moment we hear someone new is starting up something similar to what we’re already doing, we quickly shift into panic mode and worry our business is going to suffer. But you know what? Each one of us in unique and although we may have similar skills and target audiences, it’s who we are as individuals that is going to help YOUR people find you. Put your personality behind your passion and you’re all set!

Our next roundtable is for women in the health + wellness industry!

Whether you're a fitness instructor, nutritionist, therapist, or anything in between, come out and meet other industry folk and let’s shoot the shit.

Your ticket includes appetizers, but you're welcome to purchase additional food and drinks once you arrive. There are only 11 spots available so be sure to scoop yours up, quick!

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

To purchase a ticket, please follow the link.