Calling all MOMS! Goal Setting for Busy Moms looking to take their dreams back and make an action plan to crush them.

MOM LIFE: Your to-do list is NEVER done, you hear MOM 100x a day and Netflix is that perfect friend that only entertains and never asks for anything in return. Thank you Netflix. Your brain is mush and most days you're just going through the motions. Weeks turn into years and when you wake up, you suddenly have little balls of mass destruction running around the house. Seriously.


You want to find that piece of you that you that took a back seat when you got the title of Mom. You want to crush the Mom Guilt and learn to let go of your fears around being a 'Bad Mom' for making yourself a priority. Girl, have we got the night for you!

Come join a group of Mom's who know EXACTLY how you feel.From the creator of Goal Chasers, Justine McDonald will help show you the path and the light into the life that balances your role as Mom and the dreams you have for yourself. Her hilarious commentary is perfectly mixed with practical tools to make you intentional with your life. With Goal Setting as the foundation to this success, she will show you how she used Goals to transform her life after what most would call a Mat Leave Nightmare.

Come join us June 27th at 7pm and bring a friend who needs to hear this, it will be the best gift you could ever give another Mom. Because nobody wants to look back in ten years and say 'what happened?'

Snacks and non-alcoholics drinks are included in your ticket.